Gradisce_6_5_2015-111 (800x442)The exterior of the villa stands out with its unique local architecture while the interior is a modern fusion of cozy and streamlined. The property is surrounded with tall wall providing privacy and peace. That way the property is also kids friendly. It allows them to safely play in the yard while their parents can enjoy sunbathing.

The property is also surrounded with many trees and bushes providing lots of natural shade that reaches all the way to the pool. Its measurements are 1.3 – 1.4 m depth and 28 m2 size. It’s entirely on guests disposal.

You can’t have a summer vacation without BBQ. That’s why we arranged a special place in the yard for it. You can grill meat, fish, veggies while enjoying with your friends and family.

The main part of the yard is terrace with lounge furniture and deck chairs just by the pool. The terrace is shaded, if you want to get out of the sun for a while. And if you prefer lying in the sun, you have enough space to enjoy your self.

We also considered about parking your cars, so there are two parking space on the property for your vehicle.

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