• Do I need to present any documents at check-in?

A mandatory law - General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires each guest to present a valid government-issued ID at check-in, and persons other than registered guests are restricted from the apartment.

As of May 25, 2018 we are obliged to inform you that when booking your accommodation and at check-in you agree to present your personal identification documents, i.e. submit your personal data.

Personal data required: first and last name, type and number of your personal identification document, gender, state and address of residence, date of birth and citizenship.

Data is collected only for evidence of tourists in the Croatian National Tourist Information System – eVisitor (Sojourn Tax Act, Official Gazette, No. 152/08). The personal data is collected for statistic processing and is used by tourist boards, public authorities and Ministries relating to this procedure.

List of institutions we have to provide your personal data to: Ministry of Tourism - Tourist Inspection, Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Finance – Customs Authorities. Any unauthorized use, publication, change, processing, reproduction, distribution, recording or assignment or any other form of unauthorized use of such personal data is strictly prohibited.


  • Do I need an ID or passport to enter Croatia?

Yes, although Croatia is a part of the European Union, you will be asked to show your ID or passport at the Croatian border.


  • Which currency do I need while staying in Croatia?

The official currency in Croatia is Croatian Kuna. You can exchange money upon your arrival in Istria in a bank or exchange office. There are two banks and ATMs in Žminj where you can withdraw money.


  • Do I need a car or is there some kind of public transportation available?

Yes, you’ll need a car or a van to go to the nearest grocery store, bank, bakery and more. Villa Benić is located in a village 2 km from Žminj. There is no public transportation available, however taxi and Uber services are available in Istria if you prefer not to drive.


  • Do you have bikes we can use or do we need to bring our own?

Unfortunately, we don’t have bikes you can use, but you can rent them at very affordable prices at local bike rental companies and they can be delivered to you at the property.